Reply to What Xi Jinping Really Want

It was CCP who destroyed Chinese traditional value system after it established regime.

Backing to Confucianism cannot solve Chinese problems nowadays. Like
the gap between rich and poor, the corruptions. Confucianism itself does not respect individual value, there is no equal in Confucius. It does not have a soil to generate natural science achievements. it only cares about the human relationship between superiors and subordinates. Obedience is best in line with Confucius.

It cannot blame the Yaobeina event for lacking of Chinese traditional values. It is because there is no ethic rules for journalists and there is no laws to protect people’s privacy.
Due to the censorship in china, there are too many restricted areas for news report. to pursuit for more circulations and clicks on website. Tabloid reporters have to rack their brains to catch more attentions.

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